Q: What is the application process?
One must complete an application form in its entirety. Request an application and lease at
Return promptly via email, mail to P.O. Box 4716, Star City WV 26505, or physically meet with management to submit documents. Upon approval, a rental security deposit will be required to secure a unit.


Q: What happens if I break a lease?
Once you engage in a lease with our company, you are committing to a 1 year fixed lease. This lease is acknowledged as a legal binding document in accordance with WVU rental law.


Q: Is there a late fee if the rent is late?
Please submit all rental payments on time in accordance with WV rental laws and the terms and conditions on the lease. Late fees will be applied to any default/late payments.


Q: What if I have to move for my job?
If you encounter a job relocation, most companies will pay the remainder of the leasing term as well as your moving costs. You remain responsible for the submission of rental payments until the termination date of your lease.


Q: What is the length of the lease agreement?
We offer 1 year fixed leasing terms. We sometimes have available short term leasing. However, we DO NOT allow holdover/month to month leasing.


Q: What happens if my roommate moves out and doesn’t pay their share of the rent?
Legal action can be taken. In accordance with WV rental laws and their terms and conditions of a 2 person lease, you are jointly and severally responsible for the entire rent if your roommate fails to pay their portion. Our company will pursue legal action and both you and your roommate will be named in a suit.


Q: What is an emergency maintenance call?
Examples of maintenance emergencies include, but are not limited to, any water leaks (from HVAC, toilet, sink, fridge, dishwasher, etc. ) No heat or hot water. Any extreme emergencies such as fire or gas odor, please call 911 immediately.


Q: Will maintenance call before entering my home?
Once a maintenance request is received and confirmed by management that confirmation serves as your notice of entry.


Q: What do I do for a power outage or failure?
Please call Mon power at 1-800-686-0022. First energy current tenants can refer to their rental information guide located in their unit.


Q: What do I for if a car is parked in my designated space?
Call Ervin’s Auto Repair & Towing at 304-284-8702